What Others Are Saying

“...she is a consummate professional…”

There is no shortage of freelance writers. There is, however, a shortage of GOOD freelance writers. I enlist the services of people who can give me clean, efficiently written, and engaging content that both appeals to a mass audience and reflects the “voice” of my organization. Amy Hartsough certainly is one who brings those gifts to the table, and for her services, I am thankful. 

Amy respects the deadline and the editorial process. Her writing style is tasteful – not sensational (tacky). Further, she is a consummate professional. I am fortunate to have Amy on my freelance writing team, and I very much recommend her services.

Chris Wooton, Director of Communications at Louisville Seminary

“...her diligence and professionalism…”

What I like about working with Amy is her diligence and professionalism. She’s great at staying in communication and delivers on time according to plan. My subject matter experts also gave her high marks for her interviewing skills. Amy was highly responsive and had a great attitude throughout the writing and review process.


Danielle Hart, Director of Marketing at SweetRush

“...Writing With A Style That Is Direct And Engaging…”

I met Amy Hartsough through a writing masterclass that we took together, and we’ve collaborated on several writing projects. Amy has a great ability to get to the point in her writing with a style that is direct and engaging. 

In our work together, I’ve been consistently impressed by her ability to synthesize information and conduct interviews. She has a talent for both journalism and research-based writing. 

Personally, Amy is both patient and reliable, traits that I admire in professional colleagues.

Derek Austin, Certified Physical Therapist and Writer

“...a deeply dedicated individual…”

My professional association with Amy Hartsough began in January of 2019 through a shared writer’s platform. We quickly became “writing buddies” and embarked upon a mutually supportive relationship for the purpose of enhancing our individual writing careers.

Amy’s professional support has been invaluable to me, especially during the rapid shift of our world due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite challenging times, she has the powerful ability to stay focused on the course of action she has chosen. Multiple times I have seen Amy set a series of goals and accomplish them rapidly. With my own multiple service projects outside of writing, I have been inspired by Amy’s ability to stay on course. At times she has helped me create an action plan that will fit inside my unique time frames so that I too will reach success.

Outside of the professional aspects of our relationship I find Amy to have many wonderful personal qualities. Her friendly demeanor, self-awareness, compassionate attitude and gift for active listening enhance every interaction whether it be professional or casual.

Most importantly, I feel Amy is a deeply dedicated individual. Dedicated to serving her clients, serving her family and community, and definitely dedicated to her personal evolution.

Angela Holmes-Abrams, Owner, AHA Publications

“...Amy is very dedicated to helping others…”

I have been very impressed with the articles Amy has written for Medium. They have been very informative, well written, and have opened my mind to various ideas. I look forward to reading each article that she writes. She is very dedicated to helping others through what she writes.

Ray Gershon, Voice Communications Engineer at Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions

“...impressed by Amy’s work ethic and compassion…”

I met Amy during a freelance writers’ mastermind. I was impressed by Amy’s work ethic and compassion. It’s been my pleasure to get to know Amy as a friend.

Jay McGrane, Owner, McGrane Freelance

“...she showed talent…”

Amy worked in the Women’s Center at the University of Louisville as our Student Event’s Coordinator. Amy handled all the responsibilities associated with programming with great aplomb. Her calm professional demeanor demonstrated her confidence in herself and her abilities and produced some great programs for our department. She has a great eye for detail and is a dedicated worker. 

Part of Amy’s responsibilities also included writing an article for our quarterly newsletters. Amy showed talent in this area, embraced the assignments, and always hit her deadlines.

Valerie Casey, Director of The Women’s Center, The University of Louisville

“...beautiful writing skills, a knack for communication…”

Amy is a dedicated, intelligent, thoughtful, passionate and effective individual, with tremendous versatility. She has beautiful writing skills, a knack for communication, motivates volunteers, solves problems, and anticipates needs.

Heather Thiessen, former Director of The Women’s Center at Louisville Seminary

“...distinguished herself with her writing skills…”

Amy Hartsough was an outstanding undergraduate student of mine in several subjects at Bellarmine University–she distinguished herself in my classes with her writing skills and depth of critical and creative thinking. 

Amy showed extraordinary maturity and integrity both in the classroom and in her campus and community involvement, to such an extent that, after her graduation, I asked her to partner with me in writing a memoir I was working on. I asked Amy to join me for a series of conversations in which I would simply tell her my story, and answer the questions that naturally arose for her; I knew I could trust Amy’s discretion and that I would be completely comfortable discussing even very difficult topics with her. We recorded the conversations and they turned into the first draft of the memoir. Amy also served as a first reader/editor, carefully marking up that early draft for clarity and continuity. 

I value Amy’s proven skills as a reader, writer, listener, and editor. Her intellect and integrity will make her an asset in every workplace that is lucky enough to include her.

Olga-Maria Cruz, Author and Campus Minister at Winthrop University and Writer

“...implemented ideas with enthusiasm…”

Amy Hartsough was in all respects a superlative worker, an idea person, who implemented ideas with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness. I recommend her highly.

Johanna van Wijk-Bos, Professor Emerita at Louisville Seminary

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