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What You Do Matters - Let Me Help You Spread the Word About Your Organization!

Let me help you expand your outreach so you can expand your impact.

Hi! I’m Amy Hartsough, a freelance writer who writes marketing content for nonprofits and other organizations that are making a big impact on the world.

My mission is to write content that tells your story in a way that connects the reader (volunteer, donor, advocate or staff person) to the work you do – and that helps them see themselves as part of the solution to the problems you solve in your community and around the world.

This is My Passion.

I’m here to help the helpers – that’s YOU! I admire people who help others and who work to promote causes that bolster the common good.

I started writing professionally in 2008. As my career has progressed, I’ve committed myself to supporting the helpers in the world. I write content for nonprofits and other impactful organizations for a simple but important reason:

Your Work Makes a Difference.
And I Want to Support Your Mission.

Over A Decade of Writing Experience – Supporting Your Mission.

I was born to do this. I’ve been interviewing people and writing their stories since 2005 – first for the student newspaper at my college, then professionally for places like the University of Louisville and Louisville Magazine’s “Bit to Do” blog.

I also worked in educational outreach at Georgia Tech – coordinating programs that educated students in underserved high schools about opportunities in STEM. Working for an organization that expands access to STEM education for Georgia students meant a lot to me. I’m proud of the work I did there.

How Can I Help You?

Get in touch with me to discuss your writing needs. Together, we can make an even bigger impact.

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