Publications & Clients Have Included:

Need Education Content Delivered On Your Schedule?

Whether you’re a marketer looking for content that highlights your eLearning company’s integration of social apps into your custom LMS . . .  or you’re a higher ed. professional looking for a content marketing writer who integrates your school’s brand into every project . . . you’ve come to the right place.

What You Have:

  • A Content Marketing Strategy – from blog posts to eBooks and everything in between, you incorporate content marketing pieces into a larger strategy with a clear purpose and commitment to improving your industry with truly helpful content.
  • Subject Matter Experts – by the dozen, probably.

What You Don't Have:

  • SME’s volunteering their time to write for you on a weekly basis, or blocks of time in your schedule to create content.
  • A Marketing Writer who knows your industry, understands the purpose of each content marketing deliverable and can communicate clearly with your audience.

That's where i come in . . .

I specialize in writing long-form content marketing pieces for eLearning & higher education clients. I bring ten years of higher education and freelance writing experience to my client work. That means that if you need a newsletter article or blog post about your university’s student programs or a case study or feature article highlighting your eLearning company’s expertise, you don’t have to teach me how to write for you

You need a writer who can produce content deliverables that establish your school or brand as an authority in your industry – week after week, month after month. Working with me means you’ll have a curious and consistent professional writer working for you. Want to talk about your next project? Email me at 


Danielle Hart (Director of Marketing, SweetRush Inc.)

"What I like about working with Amy is her diligence and professionalism. She's great at staying in communication and delivers on time according to plan. My subject matter experts also gave her high marks for her interviewing skills. Amy was highly responsive and had a great attitude throughout the writing and review process."

Valerie Casey (Director, University of Louisville Women's Center)

​"Amy wrote articles for our quarterly newsletters. She showed talent in this area and always hit her deadlines."

Olga-Maria Cruz (Writer)

"I value Amy's proven skills as a reader, writer, listener, and editor. They made her an asset when she assisted me in writing my memoir."