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The eLearning Industry is always changing . . .
are you keeping up with the competition?

You have eLearning experts; you might even have writers. But do you have a writer who is familiar with eLearning concepts and the particulars of content marketing, who combines these skillsets week after week to create solid pieces of marketing content that:

  1. Help your audience understand how your company improves their Training ROI.
  2. Are optimized with headlines that grab the reader’s attention, a structure that keeps the reader engaged & delivers a call to action that prompts the reader to take the next step you’ve defined for your sales funnel.
  3. Contains quotes & information from industry experts – gleaned from interviews with your SME’s.
  4. Establishes your company’s authority as an expert on the very thing your audience needs – in a helpful piece of marketing content that directs them to to your services & products as THE SOLUTION they have been searching for.

Corporate learning has some challenges ahead:

  • training topics in the workplace are often seen as prescriptive & ineffective by workers.
  • the ROI of training programs for corporations is debatable – and the industry is currently establishing the analytic Best Practices that will allow corporations ensure the ROI of eLearning programs.

The challenges of corporate training and its demands for success call for a level of ingenuity, innovation and creativity that will have to be, in a word, impressive.

l think this is THE time to be a professional who cares about lifelong learning, professional development and the opportunity for advancement and achievement – for themselves and others.

Here's why i'm the writer for you:

I’m on board. The question is, are your clients?

Training solutions are an important part of the corporate structure of the future and companies who fail to implement successful trainings for their employees WILL fall behind – (trust me, as a Millennial, I know everyone my age and younger DEMANDS opportunities for growth & development in the workplace, or they’re gone within a matter of weeks or months, not years).

Let’s get your prospective clients on board with the solutions you provide for their training needs.

Let’s educate them about what a training program is – rather than a one-time solution to a workforce crisis, corporate training is a flexible system of fully customizable solutions that can serve your client’s company over time. 

Let’s prepare them for the next step in their training journey.

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Danielle Hart (Director of Marketing, SweetRush Inc.)

"What I like about working with Amy is her diligence and professionalism. She's great at staying in communication and delivers on time according to plan. My subject matter experts also gave her high marks for her interviewing skills. Amy was highly responsive and had a great attitude throughout the writing and review process."

Valerie Casey (Director, University of Louisville Women's Center)

​"Amy wrote articles for our quarterly newsletters. She showed talent in this area and always hit her deadlines."

Olga-Maria Cruz (Writer)

"I value Amy's proven skills as a reader, writer, listener, and editor. They made her an asset when she assisted me in writing my memoir."