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Your Organization is Helping People . . .

Are You Getting the Help You Need?

Do you have a cause that you care about, whether it’s your own business, your nonprofit, or your school, and you wish more people knew what you knew about your amazing organization? If you need help spreading your message to a larger audience, you’re in the right place.

Today’s marketplace calls for clear, direct messaging that speaks to the heart of your audience and helps them see themselves as a crucial part of your organization’s mission. You have plenty to say, and the technology (both old and new) to say it.

But do you lack the bandwidth within your organization to handle all of your marketing initiatives? If so, reach out and let’s chat about your writing needs. I’m excited to work with you to spread your organization’s message through clear, compassionate content marketing pieces.

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Chris Wooton (Director of Communications, Louisville Seminary)

"There is no shortage of freelance writers. There is, however, a shortage of GOOD freelance writers. I enlist the services of people who can give me clean, efficiently written, and engaging content that both appeals to a mass audience and reflects the "voice" of my organization. Amy Hartsough is certainly one who brings those gifts to the table, and for her services, I am thankful. Amy respects the deadline and the editorial process. Her writing style is tasteful - not sensational (tacky). Further, she is a consummate professional. I am fortunate to have Amy on my freelance writing team, and I very much recommend her services."

Danielle Hart (Director of Marketing, SweetRush Inc.)

"What I like about working with Amy is her diligence and professionalism. She's great at staying in communication and delivers on time according to plan. My subject matter experts also gave her high marks for her interviewing skills. Amy was highly responsive and had a great attitude throughout the writing and review process."

Valerie Casey (Director, University of Louisville Women's Center)

​"Amy wrote articles for our quarterly newsletters. She showed talent in this area and always hit her deadlines."

Olga-Maria Cruz (Writer)

"I value Amy's proven skills as a reader, writer, listener, and editor. They made her an asset when she assisted me in writing my memoir."