I'm Amy Hartsough,

and I’m a Wealth Consciousness Coach for powerful women entrepreneurs. I create programs that serve my clients in growing beyond their fears and doubts so they can fulfill their God-given role on this planet.


We are entering the Age of Light, and if you’re a woman entrepreneur, you are already part of the solution. It takes courage to step outside the box and create your own business from your Heart. Let me support you in improving your money mindset so you can feel confident and help more people in your business, for the good of the world. 

I help financially frustrated women entrepreneurs transform their relationship with money into massive Wealth Consciousness so they can:

- charge their worth,

- grow their bank account and business,

- serve more people in a larger capacity,

and change the world.

I serve women entrepreneurs by helping them up-level their money mindset so they can live in a natural state of abundance, supported by the Universe, and charge what they’re really worth.


Women are more likely to be impacted by Imposter Syndrome, and therefore more likely to miss out on hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in their lifetimes.


I know that women who have massive amounts of wealth do amazing things with their money (it’s a proven fact). It’s time for women everywhere to up-level their money mindset so they can serve more people in a larger capacity and change the world for the better.