Publications & Clients Have Included:

Need Education Content Delivered On Your Schedule?

Whether you’re a marketer looking for content that highlights your eLearning company’s integration of social apps into your custom LMS . . .  or you’re a higher ed. professional looking for a content marketing writer who integrates your school’s brand into every project . . . you’ve come to the right place.

What You Have:

  • A Content Marketing Strategy – from blog posts to eBooks and everything in between, you incorporate content marketing pieces into a larger strategy with a clear purpose and commitment to improving your industry with truly helpful content.
  • Subject Matter Experts – by the dozen, probably.

What You Don't Have:

  • SME’s volunteering their time to write for you on a weekly basis, or blocks of time in your schedule to create content.
  • A Marketing Writer who knows your industry, understands the purpose of each content marketing deliverable and can communicate clearly with your audience.

That's where i come in . . .

I specialize in writing long-form content marketing pieces for eLearning & higher education clients. I bring ten years of higher education and freelance writing experience to my client work. That means that if you need a newsletter article or blog post about your university’s student programs or a case study or feature article highlighting your eLearning company’s expertise, you don’t have to teach me how to write for you

You need a writer who can produce content deliverables that establish your school or brand as an authority in your industry – week after week, month after month. Working with me means you’ll have a curious and consistent professional writer working for you. Want to talk about your next project? Email me at 


Valerie Casey (Director, University of Louisville Women's Center)

​"Amy wrote articles for our quarterly newsletters. She showed talent in this area and always hit her deadlines."

Olga-Maria Cruz (Writer)

"I value Amy's proven skills as a reader, writer, listener, and editor. They made her an asset when she assisted me in writing my memoir."